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kathryn mcraneykathryn mcraney

My twin 11 year old boys just completed phase one and recently had their braces removed – what a difference! Their smiles are picture perfect. Thanks to Dr. Jordan and his kind staff for taking amazing care of us. From the beginning we were informed of each step in the journey of braces and couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Mike ScarceMike Scarce

Dr. Jordan and his staff are terrific. I am 68 years old with a gap between two teeth. Dr. Jordan recommended the easiest and least expensive route for me. In a matter of months my gap is gone and my teeth look great. The nicest staff anywhere I’ve come across. They all make you feel important. I wish I had known Dr. Jordan back in the day when all three of my children had braces.

Tracey LoefflerTracey Loeffler

Doctor Jordan and his staff are wonderful, not only do they take care of your orthodontic needs, they actually care about you. Doctor Jordan is a perfectionist, he won’t stop until your teeth are exactly how they should be.
I would not want my kids going anywhere else for orthodontic care. They are the best!

Simmy HundalSimmy Hundal

First of all, my siblings and I have all had positive experiences with the Dr. Jordan and his team – and have the smiles to prove it.

However, I am surprised by the costs associated with their follow-up work. I had my bottom retainer re-cemented after a portion was knocked out of place. $75 for 10 minutes. Left a bad taste in my mouth – no pun intended.

Laurie StingerLaurie Stinger

Dr Jordan and his wonderful staff have taken care of all three of my children’s orthodontic needs and now my grandson is starting treatment with Jordan Orthodontics ! They are the best!!!! and have won Best Orthodontic practice in Alpharetta and south Forsyth for the last four years in a row!! We highly recommend them.

Cynthia CrawfordCynthia Crawford

Marc MillerMarc Miller

The staff is always quick, professional and friendly. Dr. Jordan has been the best! Our third is now starting braces and we can’t be happier with the previous results.

Sandra St MartinSandra St Martin

Great experience, wonderful Dr. and staff! Easy access and parking!

Shayne Ann FloydShayne Ann Floyd

I took my daughter to Dr. Jordan to get some new retainers made for her. The staff and Dr. Jordan are very friendly and fun. They all make you feel at home!

Heidi Stuebe NewellHeidi Stuebe Newell

We started our 2 daughter’s orthodontic work at another local orthodontist. This particular orthodontist convinced us that he was the best and most innovative in the area however, we found him to be the opposite. His “innovative” methods were quite painful for one of our daughter’s and actually dangerous for our other.

A few former patients of Dr. Jeffrey Jordan told us how gentle and experienced he is. After the first meeting with him, we were convinced to switch over and we’ve been so blessed ever since! Now, both daughter’s are finished with orthodontics and have great, beautiful and healthy smiles! We couldn’t be happier!

Yvonne Beard WichmanYvonne Beard Wichman

Dr. Jordan and his staff work miracles! My grandson’s teeth went from “downright scary” to beautiful in just ten months. Thank you, Dr. J, Shane, Kim, and the rest of the staff at Jordan Orthodontics! We love you!!

Amy Charis Gregory ButlerAmy Charis Gregory Butler

Lori Hagmayer McDanielLori Hagmayer McDaniel

He and staff are awesome!! All three of my girls have been treated at his office!!

Lisa Taylor BoardmanLisa Taylor Boardman

Amy SwartAmy Swart

The best orthodontist and staff around!!! Kind, caring and fun…makes braces painless!!!

Cheryl Lyn HowlinCheryl Lyn Howlin

All 3 of my children saw Dr. Jordan for their orthodontic work. He was great to work with, my kids really liked him and he has a top-notch office staff and orthodontic assistants. I highly recommend them to everyone. Also, Dr. Jordan referred us to Dr. Loetscher for oral surgery (wisdom teeth removal) and he was also excellent, especially his assistant Flor. 🙂

Amanda WilliamsonAmanda Williamson

Just had orthodontic work done by Dr. Jordan. In 15 short months he fixed all the problems with my teeth and bite. I’m so pleased with the results; i never realized how much orthodontia can fix seemingly unrelated problems. I have had fewer and fewer migraines, plus he was able to get everything off and done in time for my senior portraits. The staff there is kind and knowledgeable. 10/10, would recommend. Thanks Dr. Jordan and staff!!!

Kirsten KliphouseKirsten Kliphouse

Dr. Jordan is exceptional! He would be my top choice for any orthodontic related issue! We have been seeing him for just over 18 months. After visiting many specialists in the area, finally a personal friend recommended we try Dr. Jordan. During the consultation, we were more comfortable with his care and expertise than all prior specialists combined. We had a tricky situation with a broken jaw that healed out of alignment and would require surgery. Dr Jordan worked with the surgeon on a plan for treatment and off we went. 18 months later, THANKS to Dr. Jordan, we are now out of braces and surgery free! Amazing. I would highly highly recommend Dr. Jordan and his staff. They are the BEST AROUND!

Lorie Smith DavisLorie Smith Davis

Melanie Gaskins McCordMelanie Gaskins McCord

Loved Dr Jordan. My daughter went there quite a while ago. Highly recommend him!!)

Danielle Mulvey FestaDanielle Mulvey Festa

He is by far the best Orthodontist in GA! Great office, great customer service and great result!

Caitlin JoynerCaitlin Joyner

Kelly AnfusoKelly Anfuso

Alex CharlestonAlex Charleston

I like My Retainer

Letter from Dr. Jordan’s Very Special Patients

Dr. Jordan,

I am writing this to thank you for everything that you’ve done to help make me better.

Throughout this rather long process, I’ve been to a total of 34 different doctors trying to rid myself of pain. It seems as though the vast majority of them only see me as another patient in the revolving door of their practice. Not many have actually cared whether I get better or not, and simply hoped that I would continue coming back to them. To them, I was merely another chart and another appointment.

You were one of only a limited few who actually wanted me to get better. Although I tried to come into your office each time with a smile on my face, this process has been exceptionally taxing on me from a mental perspective. I tried my best not to let that show, thinking that if I visited seeming depressed or upset that it would become an old act to most, and taxing to all others involved. Not one time did I feel unwanted or felt as though you or your staff did not want me present. I cannot express to you how important that was to my mental state.

Many times I did not think I would make it through this time, but every visit I had to your practice lifted my spirits and reminded me that people do care whether or not I am feeling well. Without you or your wonderful staff, I doubt that I would still be around to finish my schooling and thankfully now continue on to get my doctoral degree. Everything I do from this point onward is a credit to the professional, caring and loving nature of you and your team. I owe you so very much, and if there is anything, anything at all I can do to repay the kindness in the future all you have to do is ask.

While I do enjoy my times visiting, this will likely be my last time coming through, as I’m quite close now to finally being rid of pain. It’s been a six year journey filled with anguish and tribulation, but you were perhaps the one bright spot throughout this long process. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and your reminder to me that there still are people in the medical community who see their work not simply as a job, but as a means to actually help people.

The dedication you have to your patients reminded me of the good we can do for others through our vocation. I would likely not be writing anymore were it not for your example, and for that I offer my sincerest gratitude. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do, and please know that these words and all others to come are only possible because of you.

Dr. Jordan,

It’s been years since you treated my 4 kids & wife with braces, but I again wanted to say Thank You! Your generosity and care for them has been such a blessing to us – and it continues on!

I often remember you fondly when I have an opportunity to refer people to an orthodontist. You and your team took such good care of us. It can be stressful to have 5 in braces at one time, but you and your team were amazing!

Thanks so much,
Steven Gibbbs



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