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Got Metal Braces? Here are Foods You Should Avoid!

metal-bracesIf you have metal braces, there are certain things you need to know in order to take care of them properly— like what to eat and what you shouldn’t eat.

And in this article we’re going to focus on foods you should avoid while wearing metal braces.

Which foods should you avoid while wearing orthodontic metal braces?

  • Do not bite on ice or chew ice with your teeth. This is a bad habit that you should avoid at all costs. It can cause damage to, not only your metal braces, but to your teeth, as well.
  • Avoid ripping apart or biting tough meats with your teeth. Instead, cut the meat into small pieces and chew gently.
  • Avoid sticky foods so the brackets do not become loose. Sticky foods include licorice, taffy, gum, caramels, jelly beans, etc. It is best to avoid these foods and candies as much as possible.
  • Do not bite hard foods so the wires and/or brackets do not get damaged or broken. Hard foods include pretzels, hard candy, nuts, pizza crust, raw carrots, etc.


What else do you need to avoid while wearing metal braces on your teeth?

Do not chew on or bite on hard items, such as pens and pencils.
Do not bite on your fingernails.

In addition to foods and other things you need to avoid when wearing braces, you should use caution when eating/consuming the following foods/beverages:

  • corn on the cob
  • chips
  • chewy breads
  • sugary soda and beverages

clean-bracesAvoiding all of these foods, beverages, and other things will minimize damage to your braces, wires, and brackets. Keep in mind that metal braces can easily be damaged, however the damage can be avoided.

It is always best to listen to what your orthodontist tells you about your particular orthodontic treatment. He or she may recommend avoiding other foods or beverages in addition to what is mentioned in this article.

So what CAN you eat while wearing metal braces?

In general terms you should eat soft and/or liquid-type foods, such as soups, applesauce, eggs, etc. Soft foods are easy on your teeth and braces. They won’t cause damage to your metal braces.

Your orthodontist may also have a long list of foods that you can eat. He or she will probably recommend cutting foods into small pieces to make it easier to eat and chew.

Chewing with your back teeth is a good habit to get into so that you don’t have to use your front teeth too much. You can use your front teeth when eating or nibbling on soft foods, though.

What happens if you have problems with your braces?

interdental-toothbrushIf you suffer from common orthodontic issues (loose brackets, broken wires, etc), call your orthodontist as soon as possible. Let the office know what kind of problem you’re experiencing. He or she will most likely want to see you as soon as possible to fix the problem.

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