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Choosing an Orthodontist Where Your Child or Teen Is Comfortable

Alpharetta Georgia Orthodontist for children and teens
To children and teens, going to the orthodontist can seem scary or uncomfortable. The last thing most teens want to hear is: “You need braces.”

Your child may have heard some true (or even false) stories about how bad orthodontist visits can be. But you, as a parent, can change this thinking. Your child can feel comfortable at the orthodontist and open to getting braces, retainers, or other orthodontic appliances.

That’s why choosing an orthodontist who is experienced and knows how to answer questions and make your child feel comfortable is important. This way your child won’t fear going to the orthodontist and will better understand why oral health should be a priority.

If children don’t feel scared and anxious about taking care of their mouth, they will be able to smile and show off their healthy, beautiful teeth while they are young and as they age.

Experience matters when choosing an orthodontist for your child

The number of years and cases matter when selecting an orthodontist as an adult, but it matters even more when choosing an orthodontist for your child or teen.

A highly trained and experienced orthodontist will understand the equipment and technology and will know how to treat and care for kids.

Dealing with children and teenagers is different than caring for adults, and you want to choose an orthodontist who understands this and takes the extra time (if needed) to help younger people understand the importance of healthy, aligned teeth.

At Jordan Orthodontics in Alpharetta, GA, our orthodontist, Dr. Jeffrey Jordan, has been practicing for 25 years and has treated more than 10,000 patients — 75 percent of which have been children or teens.

orthodontist Alpharetta, GA 30022

Not only does Dr. Jordan have many years of experience, but he also has credentials as a top orthodontist. He is a board-certified dentist and a certified Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, a position that requires successful, rigorous testing and examination. He demonstrates his desire to further his expertise.

At Jordan Orthodontics, we want you and your family to feel at home.

At Jordan Orthodontics, Dr. Jordan and every member of our trained and caring staff strive to make you feel comfortable from the time you enter our office or call us on the phone.

We will smile and take our time to make you feel at home and taken care of completely. Also, our team is energetic and fun-loving — something that is certainly important when caring for your child or teen.

We know kids feel comfortable at our office, and how do we know? Because our reviews and testimonials show this. We invite you to check out our Yelp reviews.

One reviewer wrote:

“Dr. Jordan is without a doubt, hands down the best Ortho in North Fulton County. His office runs like a smooth machine and his staff is top of the line. All friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. Dr. J has a quiet southern charm, great chair side manner and tells it like it is.”

You can also read our reviews on Google.

Another reviewer wrote:

“Dr. Jordan is a wonderful orthodontist who went above and beyond to make sure we were completely satisfied. Both of our children were nervous about getting orthodontia in high school, but Dr. Jordan and his helpful staff made it a great experience.”

And another reviewer wrote:

“I would like to personally say thank you to Dr. Jordan and his amazing team for the superb treatment my kids have received over the last 6 years! Today, Dr. Jordan went above and beyond what any orthodontist would ever do for a patient! […] Thanks to the expertise and compassion of Dr. Jordan, my son now has the beautiful smile that Dr. Jordan’s braces once gave him years ago! We are truly thankful for being part of this office that we call ‘family.’”

Why choosing the right orthodontist for your child or teen is critical

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children get a checkup by the age of 7 to get an evaluation of how their teeth are coming in. If children get a positive experience from this young age, they will be less likely to feel anxious about other dentist and orthodontist visits later in life.

Plus, getting braces can mean years of commitment to one orthodontist, so you want to choose wisely. Most importantly, a healthy, good-looking smile equals less embarrassment in school and maybe even better jobs in the future.

The decision about which orthodontist to choose for your child really is important!

Contact Jordan Orthodontics in Alpharetta, Georgia to ask us any questions, or to schedule your appointment for your child or teen. If you would like, you can also visit our office to get a better feel.

Call our office today at 770-751-1240. We promise to be friendly and helpful and do our best to help your family achieve your ideal smiles.


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