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Can Invisalign Close Gaps in My Teeth?

Do you know that smiling can relieve stress and elevate your mood? That is true for those who are happy with their smile. But what about all of those other people out there who are embarrassed or ashamed to smile because of their teeth?

For people who don’t like their smile, do they become less stressed or more stressed when smiling? After all, smiling and laughing may lead them to cover their mouth instead of showing teeth.

Each of us falls into one category or the other—“happy with my smile” or “unhappy with my smile.”

…which leads us to ask YOU…

? Which category do you fall in? Do you like your smile? Are you unhappy with your smile?

invisalign clear aligners
Do you often avoid looking at yourself in the mirror because you don’t like your uneven, crooked teeth? Do you wish you could find a cosmetic dentist to whiten your stained teeth?

The questions can go on and on and on and on…but we won’t go too far down that road.

Just understand that feeling ashamed of your smile can do harm in other areas of your life. For instance, your self esteem and self confidence can be ruined if you are ashamed to smile. Also, your professional life may be negatively impacted, especially if you deal with people face to face.

If you are constantly longing to fix your smile, you may want to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist or orthodontist so you don’t suffer in more ways than one.

? So where are we going with all of this?

You figured out which of the 2 categories you fall into, right? Now what? What’s the point of talking about whether or not you like your smile?

Well, there are many reasons why people don’t like their smile. One of those reasons is gapped teeth, which is also called diastema. If you have a small gap or a big gap between any of your teeth, you’ll want to keep reading.

? Just how big is the gap(s) between your teeth?

Look in the mirror at the gap(s) between your teeth. Is there a big space or a small space between the teeth?

The answer to that question will help to determine which cosmetic dentistry service will meet your needs and close the gap.

For small gaps, veneers or bonding may be the right choice. However, for major spacing issues and big gaps, Invisalign® clear aligners may be the right choice.

For the remainder of this article, we’re going to talk about gapped teeth and how Invisalign clear braces can fix teeth gaps.

So join us.

? What causes gapped teeth?

The most common causes of gaps in teeth include:
Gum disease – Untreated gum or periodontal disease can cause the teeth to loosen and drift apart over time.

Thumb-sucking or using a pacifier – If your child frequently sucks his or her thumb or consistently uses a pacifier, there’s a chance that his or her teeth may get pushed forward, which will impact tooth alignment and spacing.

Small teeth – If your teeth are disproportionately small in comparison to the jawbone, spacing between the teeth may occur.

Tongue thrust – This unusual swallowing reflex occurs when your tongue pushes against the top teeth when swallowing. This can cause tooth gaps to develop over time.

Missing teeth – If you have missing teeth in your mouth and you do not get them replaced within a short period of time, the other teeth will start to shift and drift, causing spacing issues.

A large frenulum – The frenulum is the soft tissue located between the top two front teeth. If the frenulum is too large, it may keep your teeth from coming together properly.

To fix or not to fix gapped teeth—that’s a personal choice

Tooth gaps won’t necessarily cause bad things to happen to your dental health or overall health. That’s why it is more of a personal choice or a personal preference as to whether or not you would opt for cosmetic dentistry.

Major spacing issues can be solved and fixed by wearing Invisalign clear aligners, though. So if you’re self conscious that the gap shows every time you smile, Invisalign is an option.

One important thing to take into consideration— if you have a large gap between the front teeth, the rest of your teeth may not have enough room to come through (erupt through the gums). This can cause bite problems in adolescents and young adults during the phase of losing baby teeth and the permanent teeth erupting.

During this phase of life, it is very important that your child see the dentist or orthodontist regularly. He or she will be able to keep an eye on these situations and provide preventive treatment recommendations before a problem gets worse. As a matter of fact, there are many options that can fix minor and major tooth gaps.

Ways to fix major tooth gaps

As mentioned previously, veneers and tooth bonding may be viable options depending on the extent of the spacing issues.

For major tooth gaps and major spacing issues, however, Invisalign is surely an excellent option. Invisalign works (link underlined text to: by wearing customized clear aligners for the entire treatment period, which your dentist or orthodontist will prescribe.

Yes, Invisalign can certainly close gaps in your teeth

Actually, Invisalign can fix many dental problems (link underlined text to:, including:
gapped teeth (spacing in between two teeth)
overbite (when the upper teeth stick out farther than the lower teeth)
underbite (when the lower teeth stick out farther than the upper teeth)
open bite (when some of the teeth do not make physical contact with the opposing teeth for a proper bite)
overly crowded teeth (lack of room in the jaw for all teeth to fit naturally)
crossbite (when a patient has a “twisted” bite because of upper and lower jaw misalignment)

Yes, Invisalign is kind of a miracle worker when it comes to fixing your smile in a short amount of time.

? Does Invisalign sound good to you? Live in or near Alpharetta, GA and need an orthodontist?

If you live in or near Alpharetta, GA and you would like to schedule an Invisalign consultation, contact Jordan Orthodontics. You can find all of our contact information on the following page:

During the consultation, we can discuss any concerns you have about your smile, and we’ll determine if Invisalign is a viable option to fix your smile.

If you’re wondering why it’s best to choose Dr. Jordan over other dentists/orthodontists in Alpharetta, GA for Invisalign, read one of our latest articles: “8 Reasons to Choose Invisalign Clear Braces From Our Alpharetta Office.

We look forward to helping you create the smile of your dreams—the smile you deserve.


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