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Orthodontic Services
Dr. Jordan presented with Best of North Atlanta Pillar Award!
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Dr. Jeffrey Jordan grew up in North Fulton and decided at an early age that he wanted to be an orthodontist. His interest in the dental field was first sparked by his childhood dentist and family friend, Dr. Alan Kuehn. In addition, his childhood orthodontist, Dr. Ike Rolader, and his uncle, Dr. J. Behringer, further inspired him and shaped his future career plans.

Getting Braces in Alpharetta: What You Need to Know

Are you or your child looking to straighten your teeth or correct your bite? Deciding to get braces is an important decision, and it can provide many benefits. Correcting a smile can… Improve confidence Improve the way people perceive you Improve your oral health Reduce the risk of tooth decay Help prevent chipped teeth and […]

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Getting Bottom Row Braces for Teeth Crowding

We work with all types of patients looking to improve their smile. From children to adults, there is no age limit to having a great smile. Some patients ask if it’s possible to only get bottom row braces, and this can occur for several reasons. Maybe they think their top teeth are fine as they […]

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